Green Swarovski Crystal Ear Wrap, No Piercing, Cartilage Jewelry, Statement Earring, Emerald Swarovski Crystal, Bridal Jewelry,  v11
Steampunk Earrings with Astral Pink Swarovski Crystals, Swarovski Earrings, Asymmetrical Earrings, Statement Earrings, Bridal, Urania II v8
Steampunk Pendant with Bermuda Blue Swarovski Crystals, Steampunk Necklace, Swarovski Crystal, Statement Necklace, Crystal Jewelry, Mimas v6
Swarovski Crystal Necklace, Aquamarine Crystal, Crystal Pendant, Industrial Jewelry, Space Jewelry, Youniquely Chic, Setebos v4
Purple Swarovski Crystal Steampunk Pendant, Blue Swarovski, Crystal Necklace, Steampunk Jewelry, Youniquely Chic, Amphitrite v14
Blue Swarovski Crystal Steampunk Earrings, Purple Swarovski, Crystal Earrings, Watch Parts, Wire Wrapped, Youniquely Chic, Amphitrite II v14
Purple Swarovski Crystal Steampunk ear cuff, Blue Crystal, No PIercing Needed, Watch Parts, Cartilage Earring, Amphitrite III v14
Swarovski Crystal Pendant, Industrial Jewelry, Swarovski Necklace,  Crystal AB Swarovski Crystals, Wire Wrapped, Bridal Jewelry, Kalyke v4