diy origami flower clock

November 13, 2012 - 2:13 am

This sudden onslaught of cold weather makes me so depressed. I'm not very good with winter, especially since I have an internal clock that doesn't really sync with the rest of civilization, which means I get to see even less daylight nowadays. So depressing...

But let's make a clock that's bright and colorful to cheer things up. It's so simple! It's made with just a few sheets of origami paper and a clock kit, and one short cold, gloomy evening.

Supplies / tools

  1. Four colors of standard 6x6" origami paper, 4 sheets per color for a total of 16 sheets
  2. A short piece of thin wire -or- a twist tie -or- a paper clip
  3. Clock kit with a 3/4" shank (for 3/4" thick surfaces)
  4. A 1¾" diameter clockface (or you can download and print this one!)
  5. New clock hands (hour/minute/second) using toothpicks or any thin skinny material
  6. Scissors and a holepuncher

If you use larger or thicker papers, you may need a different sized clock kit to fit the surface thickness. With the standard 6x6" origami papers, I found that 14 petals of each color was just right to fill a whole flower into a 3/4" clock shank.

Start with the outer color. Take one sheet of it, fold it in half and cut along the fold. You now have two equal halves.

Take one half-sheet and fold that in half lengthwise. Open it up again, and fold each corner toward the crease.

Fold each long side toward the middle. Now, mountain-fold in half lengthwise.

Fold the piece in half again, widthwise. Cut along that fold so you now have two equal-sized petals.

Fold the rest of the same colored papers until you have all 14 petals. Then move on to the next outmost color. When you have them all folded, cut the blunt ends shorter by 3/8". This second set of petals will be 3/8" shorter than the first set.

Continue with the third and fourth colors. Cut each subsequent set of petals 3/8" shorter than the previous set.

After all the folding's done, punch a hole into each petal toward the blunt end at the same position for all petals. Stack one of each color into a stack as shown. Do the same for the other 13 sets of petals. You will now have 14 sets of rainbowy petals!

To start curling the petals, clip one set of rainbow petals with a clip. Gently invert the tip of each petal with both hands.

After inverting all four tips, release the binder clip. Take your wire or unfolded paperclip and make a small ring with it. Thread all the petals into the ring.

After attaching all 14 sets of petals into the ring, close the ring by twisting it close, making sure it's tight enough, but with enough room in the middle to thread the clock shank through.

Take the clock kit and remove all the washers, nuts, and clock hands out. Take the clock face and cut a hole through the middle with a blade or sharp scissors.

Thread the clock kit through the middle of the flower. It should be just about the right size. Thread the clock face through next. Then screw on the washer to hold them in place.

To make the new clock hands, clip off the supplied hour and minute clock hands so that all you have left are the inner ring washers. They are very easy to break off, either with a wire cutter, nail clipper, or by bending it back and forth. Glue the new hands onto their respective ring washers. The innermost ring is for the hour hand, followed by the minute hand, and then the second hand at the outermost. I retained the second hand by snipping it shorter. I also colored all the rings with permanent markers to match the hand colors. Reassemble the clock components according to the package instructions, but leave out the black washer completely.

The previous minute hand was clipped off with a wire cutter, leaving with just the inner ring. Then the new minute hand was made from stiff paper, glued to the old ring, and colored with Sharpie.


Now you can either hang your clock on the wall using the hanging hole behind the clock movement, or create a stand for it using stiff wire.


Love the choice of bright colors~~ makes it happy to look at time!! <3 thanks for sharing