easy diy jar rack

Make a minimalistic jar rack for all the cute little jars you've been hoarding. It only takes a few dollars worth of materials at the hardware store. My rack has a mid-century modern sort of look with the stained wood, shiny brass, and chunky ceramic jars. But different colored wood and clear jars would make a very charming look, too! [ read more ]

sew a one-yard tee dress

Sew a simple, refreshing spring dress with one yard of fabric (or less) and an old tee. With a relaxed, stretchy band cinched at the small of the waist, this dress is flattering, yet easy on the body. Make it short and flirty, long and laid back, or even high-low style like I did. And it's so easy to make, all those old tee shirts finally have a reason for saving. [ read more ]

sew an everyday knit dress

As the days are getting longer and the weather is showing faint signs of warming up (at least around here), this is a great time to start thinking about a fresh spring wardrobe!

This tutorial will guide you with making a simple knit dress based off of an old tee shirt. Its slim, but forgiving silhouette is great for dressing up or down. Slip it on with some flip flops on a warm sunny day, or dress it up with some bling, tights, and heels for a nice meal out. The arms feature trendy button tabs that let you wear the sleeves cleanly rolled up or down.… [ read more ]

february calendar

Here's the free downloadable February calendar! Come check them out right here. [ read more ]

diy cheapo phone rest

I find the mobile phone to be an annoying object. It doesn't have a "place" on most desks, bedside tables, or anywhere really. It's this flat standalone object that just lays there like a dead fish. And when it's plugged into the charger, it now has an extra appendage that won't even let the phone stand up! Even worse...

Make a phone rest / phone holder out of a milk carton, outfitted with a pencil holder and a cord keeper. It's easy enough to do by anyone, even kids. And it costs almost nothing but...a carton of milk. [ read more ]

january calendar

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and got to make and receive lots of crafty gifts! Now that Santa has come and gone, we get to look forward to the next occasion soon arriving--new year. For January's calendar, I thought I'd do something a little more cheery to warm up the chilly weather, and give homage to one of the star flowers of winter--pansies.

Here's the free downloadable January calendar! Come check them out right here. [ read more ]